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Custom web solutions

Custom, built-from-scratch websites by JOG Design are clean, effective, and SEO friendly.

Websites built by us incorporate responsive design and are mobile-friendly!

Our web design services are not limited to just the development of websites, though. JOG Design can provide expertise in website layouts, conceptualizing, website-specific graphics, and content management.

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Designing YOUR site: package overview

These steps summarize the process of bringing your site to life.

1. Conceptualization

- We discuss the project and its objectives, as well as everything you want along with your website, because there are many factors involved in having an effective web presence

2. Design and layout

- Our design team gets to work designing the visual look of your site, with all your content requirements and technical needs in mind.

3. Building the site

- Once approved, the design then enters the construction phase, where we build out your site and incorporate clean structure and sound methods along the way, not to mention RESPONSIVE DESIGN and compatibility across devices.

4. Social media and other site-related integration

- Your project may include website tasks not necessarily involving the site itself, like social media, Google listings, linking to business profiles on the web, and more!

5. Website security, SEO, hosting, and other trimmings

- An effective website that is credible, mobile-friendly, and "findable" is reinforced with security, search engine optimization, and other important aspects.

6. Test and LAUNCH!

- Everything is done. The site has been built, and problems during the project have been solved. We upload and present your website to the world!

7. Future maintenance and updates

- Most likely, your website contract with us will include a short-term complimentary period of free maintenance and troubleshooting.

After the free period, updating and monitoring of the site would be paid for nominally and by the task or month.

YOUR website: things to consider

web design aspects to consider

A lot goes into building a professional and effective website, and with that are several factors you should consider when contracting us or anyone for a custom website:

• PRACTICALITY - Are we the right fit for YOUR project? ...or is a build-it-yourself platform more optimal with regard to budget and project requirements? We are happy to be a consultant to your web-related needs, and suggest the best option.

DOMAIN - What is the name of your website? What are people going to type in that browser search bar in order to find you? (a custom domain must be purchased)

• SECURITY - Do you want your site to be secure? Website security and SSLs are becoming increasingly more important on the web, due largely to hacking and SEO treatment.

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